Friday, July 20, 2007

Indonesia vs South Korea.. salute to Indonesia's team..

itu kami sedang mencium Jawa yang udah baik bangged memberikan kami, wanita2 cantiknya ini tiket VIP.. mmuuuaacchhh!!
i know bit about football.. but watching Indonesia vs South Korea from VIP's seat in Senayan last Wednesday was amazing! dengan supporter yg begitu banyaknya.. dengan nyanyian2 untuk team Indonesia yg bikin merinding.. everything was amazing..! eventhough *memang* Indonesia lost the game, but salute to them for giving their best! even lots are saying that they were played not good enough.. thanks to Markus Harisson as the kiper who save Indonesia lots..

Indonesia seperti melawan 15 pemain dari Korsel.. mereka memang hebat! no wonder mereka bisa masuk peringkat 10 besar dunia (am i rite??)!

but i must say, playing with top 10 team in the world and keep them only in 1 score for the whole game, that was awesome..!! and i must give round big applause for Indonesia for that..

maybe, it's not the time they won..! belom waktunya aja yaaah.. memang Indonesia harus banyak bersabar untuk membawa namanya ke kancah international.. we all do believe that there's always a good reason for whatever happened..

thanks a bunch for Jawa who gave us (me & Sandra) the access to enter the stadion and watch the game from VIP seat (you always give the best for me Wa..! that's why i love u my friend!).. such a great view from there..! i mean absolutely great view.. great view for the field, the players, and the supporters! hauhauhauhahahahak... yummy..! *teteup gatel*


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