Tuesday, January 22, 2008

nice weekend :)

i had a nice weekend :)

well, most of my weekend i spent with my lovely pacar (of course! hueheuhe)..
nonton American Gangster di PIM on Saturday. the film itself is good. i loveeeeee Danzel Washington!

to church on Sunday with pacar and his cousins. they are soooo nice to me :) untungnya juga pada seumuran, jadi yang cepet gitu nyambung dan cerita2. i knew another fact that he really2 care to all his cousins. and it's a nice fact for me :)

dari gereja kita makan bareng2. dari situ aku ikut jenguk kakak iparnya di Medistra yang baru aja deliver a beautiful baby girl :) there, i met his Mom and his oldest brother&wife :)

Congrats to Abang Boy & Kak Adry for the lovely baby girl you just have :)
and welcome to the world baby Callista :)


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