Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Meet The Spartans. well..

after a (quite) serious fight with si pacar yesterday afternoon, we met in Plangi after office hour. we were about to have our afternoon jogging actually, but the weather condition seems not friendly.. so we decided to watch 'Meet The Spartans' since i was really craving for the movie and (again!) he did agreed as long i'm happy he said *gombalmu!*. tengkyu anyway sayang :)

the film itself? oh well, busuk kalo istilah si pacar! heheheh.. idenya sih okelaaah.. tapi ko ya gitu2 aja becandaannya ya.. ya tipycal film2nya si sutradaranya sih.. dan membosankan! biarpun katanya box office dan ratingnya ngalahin film Rambo (belum nonton nih! bagus ndak???), tapi ternyata bikin mayan kecewa..


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