Friday, April 18, 2008


emangnya salah ya kalo gue masih, teteup, akan selalu setiap hari merasakan jatuh cinta?
emangnya salah ya kalo gue sedang, dan akan selalu merasakan senangnya disayang dan menyayangi?
emangnya salah ya kalo gue terlihat lebih sering tersipu-sipu kalo lagi ditelfon?
emangnya salah ya kalo gue suka manja-manjaan sama Pacar sendiri?
emangnya salah ya kalo gue sebegitu disayangnya dan dicintainya sama Pacar sendiri?
and still many moreeeeeeeee..

hei, what you see is nothing people! because actually, what i feel is much more than what you see!

please, don't bother with taking care of my life. you'll get tired, because lemme tell you something, this beautiful feeling i had, will last forever (Amin!). this is not a euphoria feeling, people. it's a permanent one. so please, hush-hush..

dedicate to all the people who can only criticizing but know nothing!


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