Friday, June 27, 2008

Sex and The City (the movie)

so I finally watched the movie last nite with Pacar, Gadis, Wido, Caki, Baki.

oohhh, it was a very heart melting movie.. but what makes me love to see the movie is about their friendship. love to watch how the friendship are so strong between the ladies.

they're not young anymore but to see they still have their "ladies time" (without husbands and children), it's sooo lovely.

perhatian temen-temennya terhadap satu sama lain sewaktu yang lain lagi susah. how Carrie would walk (with her high heels, of course) from her apartment to Miranda's in new year's eve just to accompany her, oohhh that was sweet.. how the other three were very understandable when Carrie not even want to woke up from her bed while they were in the beautiful island called Mexico, and sooo much more!

and this movie also remind me about a lovely, sweet, and beautiful friendship i have with My Girls just like these ladies from Sex and The City. hati kita udah kaya terpaut satu sama lain. tiap yang satu ada masalah, yang lain langsung siap buat mendengarkan and give their shoulder to rely on. kita juga selalu ada waktu ketemuan khusus buat para cewe-cewe doang tanpa pasangan. curhat-curhatan kita, itu sampe hal sekecil apapun kita ceritain, hihihi.. one thing that makes me thankful i went to Tarki college is I can meet these three ladies there :)

girls, kita ngga boleh berpisah sampai kita nenek-nenek yaaaaaaaaaa :) i just love you girls bunch!


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