Friday, July 11, 2008

Weekend syndrome.

oh well.. when it's Friday, when your bosses is on their business trip, when there are only 3 people (including you) in your division, when you feel like soooooooooo lazy (iya, ini mah ngga harus nunggu weekend) to packing all your documents and thingie for your office movement (and yes, i still have a week to go *pembenaran diri :D*).

what will you do?

hehe, searching all clips in YouTube! then i found out that nowadays, most of Indonesian video clips are very similar. they do it in a studio, higher not-so-famous girl to be their model, then viola!

like the new video clip i saw from Ran - Hanya Untukmu. sooooooooo standard! even they danced cute and funny there.. but i'm not gonna post it in here.

instead, i'll post the same clip which using the same theme. it's from Soulvibe - Arti Hadirmu. simply because i'm kinda into this song nowadays, hehe..


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