Thursday, August 21, 2008

Long weekend review..

  • went to Pacar friend's wedding in......... Ciledug! pfiuh, great! hehehe..
  • finally watched The Mummy even the film were so-so..
  • had a family luncheon since my sister, Teta and brother, Abang are in Jakarta.. happy, happy, happy!! fotonya nyusul ah, masih di kamera adikku. abis itu langsung nodong Papa beli ina-inu, hihiihihihi..
  • went to church (celebrating Indonesian Independence day there) with Pacar and his Mom and older brother. i was a bit awkward thou :p
  • last day of holiday, home visit by Pacar and nodong Papa (lagi) pas belanja-belanja di Carrefour Ambasador, hiaiahaihaihak..
aahhh, it's just a lovely weekend!!


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