Sunday, September 7, 2008

My turn.

as there are two people in a relationship, sometimes we're just facing problems. either it's small or big. it's somehow one of the way to get to know our own spouse.

and the problems, not just end like that, huh? even you're on your 3 months relationship or when you're on your 15 years of marriage.

and how do you deal with it?

me? i'm currently in my serious relationship with an amazing guy, si Pacar for almost 9 months. still kinda fresh from the oven, rite? still adjusting from both side. and yeah, sometimes it is not that easy though. but we're hanging there! we just don't wanna give up that easy!

especially him. having me as his girlfriend is not easy. selfish and too much this & that!

and you know what, i don't even realise that i made him do to many things for me. sadar ngga sadar! and he always try to make me happy as much as he can without even complaining! and me, being treated like that, not that i'm thankful, malah keenakan dan ngelunjak sampe-sampe ngga sadar kalo kadang-kadang gue ngga mikirin perasaannya!

now it's my turn! my turn to not just thinking about me, me, me. and i hope, i am able to do so. wish me luck ya babyyyyyy! hehehehe...


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