Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekend plans.

wawawaaa, ngga berasa udah weekend lagi! yiippiiiieeee!

where to go guys?

Me? and Pacar? hmm.. Anomali sounds nice for tonite, no? sit back and relax in a cozy couch just the two of us (ngga literaly berdua sih, bersama pengunjung-pengunjung lain tentunya!), have a glass (or more?) of coffee with a 1 or 2 cookies or else. of course, ditemenin laptop si Pacar dan sesekali berwi-fian ria *ahahah, ngga puas yah internet di kantor dan rumah, teteup nyari wi-fi kaya abg-abg :P*

tomorrow... hhmmmm.......

have no idea! yet! hehehe..

oh well, have a superbly nice weekend y'all..!!! *cups*


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