Monday, October 20, 2008


i didn't sleep well since it was hard for me to close my eyes with so much things running thru my mind.

sometimes i just feel like, i am not a good person. i can't change myself into a good one. it's not that i don't try it. i tried. hard. but i think, i'm just not hard enough thou.

yeah, my heart broke into pieces currently. i except the consequences for what i did, thou i don't want it. but i can't push someone to do everything i wanted, rite?

and now, all i can do is waiting. waiting for whatever answers.

and when the answer is not like what i expected, then i should have a big (or bigger) heart to except it. and i should believe that it's the best answer God give me :')

but when the answer is such a nice one, i should really really really give my best of the best effort to give the trust back and show them that i'm not playing around with what i had promised.

God, give me strength..


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