Thursday, October 23, 2008

Office's HalBiHal.

hihihih, it went FUN!! i don't know whether our voice's good or else. what matter to us (especially to ME, ehuhuheuhe..), it was so much fun!! :D we sing and dance with our outrages style and so much energy, ahahhaak.. people loved us!! kikikiiki..

standard yah outfitnya, huhuhu.. ini doang sepertinya kesalahan kami :P

and by the way, ngadain Halal Bi Halal-nya kan di lobby gedung. sekalian perdana tuh tempat. outdoor gitu tempatnya. and, the place was lovely!! they have small pool in, the lightings, the trees, all seems nice!! semakin sore, semakin menyenangkan ambiencenya :)

bawaannya jadi pengen poto-poto :p

Nyu, put this place on the reference list yaaaaa :D


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