Friday, May 8, 2009

Not a good friday!

really, i feel like, this isn't a good Friday for me :(

some problem i faced just because of this moron lady!! and after i said some words to her, hope she understand and go to John Robert Power immediately to join a personality class and learn about how to react and talk to other people!!

this afternoon, will have a meeting with other co-workers about office Fun Day. i actually didn't wanna take part for this, but they insist *sigh*. i rather come as a guest and can have some fun! but not for this year, i supposed.

anywho, this is my outfit for today (sorry for the cutted head, the photographer aren't professional enough, hihi..):

cropped: Antik Batik (good thing of having aunties with the same size *they even smaller!!* with you, we can borrow their clothes, so did them :D)
tank: ITC Kuningan
pants: FO in Bandung
flat shoe: Amante


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