Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rockstar Diaries, Rock!!

again, from my favorite blog, when i read all her posts from the beginning (hihihi, yeah i know, pretty addicted, rite? huehehehehe.. well, i bet you too when you read all her nice posts), i found this sweeeeeeeettt letter she wrote for her husband.

i just can't stop smiling when reading it word by word :) it's just too cute! wayyyyy too cute!!

and not to forget, this fun video they post for x'mas back in the same year as the letter. ooohh, how they have so much fun and happy marriage life like for forever :) they really know how to enjoy life, eh? adorably love it!!

i hope she/they don't mind that i put the links here above, as am one of her biggest fan :)



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