Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The weekend.

it's like the family weekend this week for us :)

on Friday, we went to Tagor sister in law's (his older brother are working abroad). there, we met Callysta, his niece. and she's wayyy adorable! she's tall for her age, and she's sooo smart :) beda sebulan sama Christabelle, and they both are like the same for the adorable, the smart, the cute :)
we just can't get enough of her, hehe.. seeing her running around all over the house, dancing (and it's so cute!), trying to say some words.. ooohh, we felt like don't wanna go home! hihihi..

on Saturday afternoon, my other cousins, Ega, were celebrating her 24th birthday at Kelly's. so, it's Sinaga's family time. praying and late lunch (iyalah, janjian jam 12, ngumpul jam 2an, hehe.. selalu itu), chatting, laughing, rusuh!

and here's another cute photos of my cousins, Christabelle and Kelly :) *ini waktu rumah masih belum begitu rame, jadi masih sempet foto-foto bener, hihihi..*Tagor's also join the fun :)

after Tagor's check his therapy, back to Sinaga's. lanjutin ngobrol-ngobrol sama tante-tante dan Mamah. what's sooo good having aunties who's still 30-40 something, we can share everything together :) masih nyambung gitu ngomongin hal-hal masa kini *halah, bahasanya*..

and this is my Baby Boy!! hehehehe.. sok serius gitu difoto :D
at nite, went to Senci with plan, Angels & Demons at 21.15 show. on the way to Senci, we were singing outloud in the car and did the silly dance, hihihi.. especially him. he just can't stop singing and dancing while he's driving! hehe.. it's was super fun!!! :)

nyampe di Senci, it's not easy to find parking spot on Saturday nite at any malls in Jakarta, eh? muter berkali-kali, sampe akhirnya Mas-mas tukang parkir yang baik hati, nyariin kita parkiran :)

on 20.55 lari-lari kecil to XXI, we were running out of tickets 'til 23.00 show, hiks.. we didn't feel like watching movie on that hour (takut ketiduran kalo gue sih, hahah..), so we just took our dinner, bought some drinks to accompanied us chit-chatting in the car :) it was lovely!

on Sunday, he took his Mom to a family's gathering here and there :) and i accompanied Auntie Tina took my cousins; Allysa, Kelly, Fany to play Love & Berry at Mall Kelapa Gading. gila, udah lama ngga ke MKG, amaze with how huge and crowded the place are.

selesai main Love & Berry (permainan yang lagi digemari sepupu-sepupu kecil gue itu), ngobrol-ngobrol di Starbucks, dinner at Sushi Tei, home.

and yesterday, i just had my worst day in the office!!! sampe nangis gue sangking ngga tahannya ngadepin tekanan untuk office outing ini. the presure's way hard than my job itself!! thanks God, i always have Tagor yang selalu siap mendengarkan keluhan-keluhan gue.

just pray that today, will run smoothly and nice, please Lord.


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