Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The notifications.

*draft that i should've posted it yesterday :D*

baaacck from plant!

okay, some good things are really happen to us currently, and we're thankful to God for that. the new opportunity are just too good to be true for the both of us, mengingat jaman lagi susah gini (halaaahh). we know that God really love us, eh?

lemme share about this (ngga betah banget emang gue sok-sok rahasia-rahasiaan :P). sejak bulan lalu, Tagor memang sempet menjalani proses di salah satu lawfirm yang cukup ternama. itu juga ngga pake naro-naro cv. wong dia ditawarin doang sama temennya. tapi memang untuk ketemu sama si owner itu, agak susah jadwalnya. jadi sempet ke pending lama.

while last two weeks ago, i got a call from P*********. they offered my an interview for a secretary to cfo position. itu juga referring from my dear friend, Medhina. so i tried the opportunity last week. test (translation Eng-Ind, Ind-Eng), interview with hrd, interview with the user. from both side felt comfortable for each other, offering salary (nice one :P), deal! :D

while on my process last week, Tagor also got a call from the lawfirm for an appointment today. and thank Godness it was also the final appointment because he got the position (of course with the veryyy good offering also :D)!!

how good was that? especially, bisa barengan gitu! God really love us, am telling you!

dari kemaren, yang bikin gue gemeteran karna deg-degan adalah karna gue mau menyampaikan surat resign ke boss-boss gue. akhirnya tadi pagi, sebelum gue ke plant, i talked to them. aseli itu jantung gue berdegup kenceng banget. ngobrol-ngobrol, they were like "woooww, that's a good achievement and new position, and we really support you though we'll be sad to loose you", i was like "pffiiiiuuh". legaaa!

so my time is only 30 more days left here (eh potong cuti 6 hari deng. liburaaann! :D), as i also still need to take care of this fun day thingie. am i sad? of course. this company's like my (almost) comfort zone. but hey, when the good opportunity come to you, take it, pray for your decisions, deal with it, rite? ;)

thank you again, dear God.

and, CONGRATULATIONS DEAR BOYFRIEND! you never failed to make me proud of you. never! i love you :-*


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