Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Tuesday!!

I just had my lunch date with Tagor, yaayyy!! It’s unplanned, tapi biasanya begitu dia dari PN Pusat, balik ke kantornya kan searah sama kantor gue, jadinya sebisa mungkin pasti disempatkan mampir to have the lunch date :)

Oh yeah, I-am-happy!! Not only because he gave me that compliments yang ngga pernah abis-abis (ngga berhenti merah itu pipi gue, well, selain karna kebakar panasnya matahari juga :p), I also can always share all my thoughts, and stories, and whine, and problems to him, with all the never ending good advices and support from him.

The happiness only stopped there?

NOT!! Hehehe..

Today I also proud for myself that I can be more mature facing my sister #2 :)

One other thing that makes me happy today, I finally had conversation with my use to be best friend. I emailed her at first, replied onto each other, akhirnya dia nelfon dan ngobrol-ngobrol panjang.. It was a nice chit-chatting though :) Karna to be honest, I don’t want the friendship to be end when we’re separated. Yeah, biarpun kenapa jadi sempet “terputus” komunikasinya, karna ada kesalah pahaman lagi di antara kita. Jadinya kita berdua sempet yang saling males untuk saling menghubungi.

Puji Tuhan, itu ngga berlanjut lama..

Oh, I’m so grateful for the blessings, dear God. You are good!!!!


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