Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Di tengah kemacetan Jakarta..

- I am craving for java chips frap, sitting on the corner of Starbucks, chatting, giggling, cuddling, laughing with Tagor :( Our kinda quality time..
- I'm starving, but the traffic keeps me away from home for like another 2 hours. Means, don't expect too much to have your supper in a minute, Duma!
- We're suppose to have for what I crave currently on the top of my list, but can not :( Tagor is still on another meeting at .....Bogor *sigh*!
- So here I am, inside the shuttle bus to Bekasi.
- I miss my Future Husband (hey, I like this words! :D Gimana kalo nanti udah ngga pake embel2 future ya? Gotta be, like it aylot!! Haha..). Guess it shown on above lists, eh?
- The bus's AC is not as cold as usual, and it's full. So I'm sweating a bit now -_-"
- I haven't sent Tagor my photo for today (call us cheezy, too abg, but yeah, I sent him my photo thru bbm everyday as he requested so he won't missed my look and my style that day, he said *yg sebenernya gitu2 aja, hehe..*).
- Will do it soon, from home, of course.
- I need more and moreee books!!!
- And the list continued... On another post, for sure! Hehe..


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