Wednesday, January 5, 2011

From a looooong hiatus :p

hi all!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

you know what, i'm writing here at home, waiting for my Husband to arrive home to bring my order, sop kambing :p, on my exactly 39weeks of my pregnancy today.. yes, i'm counting down the days when the baby girl (yes, it's a she :D) decided to pop out to meet her Mom and Dad for the first time.. because if i tell you how we feel, we're excited! i'm excited! i can't wait to meet her and play with her :)

all the preparation is done, hopefully.. the baby box, stroller, her newborn clothes, jumper, her adorable dresses, car seat, all set!

up until now, giving birth by natural is still our plan and thank God everything seems well for our plan. but if one time we have to do it on surgery or whatever you call it, we're ready. the important thing is she can come out safely. pray for us, ok :)

well, okay.. that is it for now. Tagor almost arrive home, need to prepare his needs. i'm happy being his wife. i'm happy with all routines i need to prepare for him :D i'm happy he loveeee me that much for all my conditions right now..

see you again, hopefully with our family photos with our baby girl :D


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