Friday, April 23, 2010

Newlywed :)


it's been forever!! hehehehe.. berasa yeee, ada yang baca! :p no, it's me talking to myself.. it's been a while since my last post, and yeah, i miss blogging :)

and now, when i write this post, i am now officially married to the man i love the most, Tagor Ricardo Sibarani :) i am now Mrs. Sibarani br. Turnip, that's how we write it in Batakness.

anyhowwww, we've been married for two weeks! a week doesn't count since we were on our honeymoon (will wrote it later when i have time longer for blogging), a week is this week. it's fun! i tried to prepare Tagor's clothes every morning, his tea and breakfast, we pray before we go to office, we chat aylot and pray before we go to bed, we chat again in the car on our way to office, we ate for like the second times in the middle of the nite, and so many more.. and it's been fun! to do everything together, yes, that's what we've been waiting for :)

we still live with his mom, so far, we manage to cooperate :D it's still on our adjustment between the two of us, and even with his mom. so yeah, we believe we'll survive, hehehe.. for our long term? of course we dream of having our own house, but we're not in a rush, slowly, one step at a time ;)

anyway, it's only for two weeks gitu lhooo!!!! hahahahah..

what else? oh, our wedding days? it was on the 9 - 10 April 2010. 9 April was the Holy Matrimony and the Adat Batak Party. a freakin' whole day long! we were tired but we're beyooooond happy!! will also tell you about the these-and-that-story later on, hehueheuheuh.. (i don't have much time actually rite now :D)

the Reception Night was also memorable.. our friends came to the Langen Palikrama building (the venue), though it was quite far from their place. we appreciated aylot!!! we had so much fun.. we Thank You to Domi, Andre, and Yaya who gave their time to sang for us :) it was lovely.

aaaaaahhh, kalo bisa di ulang, mau banget berada di moment itu lagi, tentu aja dengan pria yang masih sama, hiihhihih..

so, gotta go! heheheh.. i'll leave you with some photos from our Big Day :D