Tuesday, December 22, 2009

24 months!

It's been 2 years you fill my world with great laughter, good advices, 'garing' jokes, prayers, sharing moments, mad-sad-ngambek-sebel. How you always become a good listener, and very patient you are to me. How you always wanna spoil me. And many more of your kindness to me.

HAPPY 2nd RELATIONSHIP ANNIVERSARY, My Dear Tagor Ricardo Sibarani!!

I love love LOVE You heaps!

God bless us always.


The Long Weekend.

Satu kata: Cape!!!

Tapi puas akan semua yg kita kerjakan dan dapatkan, senang! :)

Yes, the long weekend was filled with wedding preparation, meeting up with bestfriends, and movie time. Avatar it was, midnite at PIM. We were loving the movie!!

So i guess that's the long weekend review :D


Friday, December 18, 2009

The (previous) weekend..

Hei, you know where am I while writing this? Yup, at the salon, early in the morning, haven't had enough sleep. What for? To be a (one day) model, hihi.. While Tagor is waiting in the car, try to catch some sleep, he's just as sleepless as I did.

Anyway, what we had on our previous weekend besides went to Rere's wedding was, I got the chance to spent it with Tagor's family :) We had good chit-chat, good laugh, good time from am-pm at his Sister's house at Cipete.

Me love it.. Another chance for us to get to know each other more.

Eh, we both feel blessed to the max atas rejeki yg Tagor terima :) For I always know he ALWAYS did the best for his clients, I know he deserve it all.

You know what we can't wait? Our 2nd relationship anniversary!! Yay!!!

Udah janjian mau tukeran kado anniv slash christmas, hehe.. I-can't-wait, OMG!!! Hakakakakak, norakkk :p

Asli, ngantuk abaysss! -_-

Ok, gue sadar tulisan gue ini sangat random, hahaha.. Maabkeun :p


Friday, December 11, 2009

While waiting..

Yes, i'm at Ambasador now, waiting for my new glass to be done. I have to wear it everyday now, because i always got headache if i don't.

Can you believe that my silinder are getting bigger? Both eyes!! Itu karna gue males make kacamata katanya. Well, iya sih.. Punya, tp teronggok dgn manisnya tiap hari, hehe..

Mungkin karna udah terlalu old school kali (reason reason reason) :D Makanya beli baru dan mudah2an makin semangat sekarang makenya.

Btw, i got my brokat for our big day, yay!! We (me, tagor, our Mommies) went to Passer Baroe again last Saturday to find ones. Thank God we made it, hihi..

Oh iya, has anyone of you watched Old Dogs? You have to see it then. We were laughing our as* off watching it, sampe pegel perutnya, hihi..

Anyway, our weekend plan, ga jauh2 dr menghadiri kawinan. Mudah2an besok sempet nonton Zombieland deh, hehe..

Alrighty, gotta check on the glass while waiting for Tagor to pick me up (kesian dia, beberapa hari ini batuknya parah bgt, belum sembuh2 udah dihajar obat batuk dan teh/air putih anget :( cepet sembuh, Sayangku).

Have a great weekend, people! :)


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Last long weekend!

Just when i write this, i'm on my way to Pasar Baroe with Tagor, my Mommy, and his Mom.

So, i still would like to tell story about Tagor's birthday celebration :D

It was long weekend. On the 27th was the Hari Raya Idul Adha. I went to met up with Acid and Lydia. We had girls talk at Sushi Tei. It was fun as usual, and we decided to have 'tukeran kado' for this Christmas, yay! Aku suka :D

At 9pm, we separated and promise to meet again before Xmas, and off I go to catch up with Tagor.

Tagor and I met at Gelare. Sempet diem2an, maklum sempet terjadi sedikit selisih paham :p

Dari situ, bingung mau kemana. The plan was, dinner at Bandar Djakarta, continue to Segarra while waiting for time change to 00:00.

But, it seems like we both were freakin' tired at the moment, so we end up strolling around Jakarta, ate Nasi goreng gila at Taman Suropati, heading to Bekasi.

Right exactly at 00:00 time on the 28th Nov, we were still on the toll. So i said 'Happy 28th Birthday, Sayang', while he was driving, haha.. It was way beyond my immagination to made it romantic though :p

Then he pulled over a while, i repeated the wish, kiss him on the forehead, he kissed back, hugged each other, drove again before Cops ato petugas lain ngeberhentiin dan ngira kita ngapa2in, hakakak.. Kiddin'!!

At home, the celebration continued. I handed him the as-requested-gift, he liked it, yay (pengabadian moment ada di twitter :p)!! And then we pray, i lead of course.

After that, we watched movies until 3am, hehe..

The afternoon, it was the 2nd celebration. So ordinary, so very us, but that's our favorite activities! Dinner at Kenny Rogers, and had the New Moon time yang disusul oleh Caki (ini film bener2 di gilai cuman karna pemainnya pasti, dari segi cerita mah biasa bgt! But hey, i'm officially on a Team Jacob!! Haha.. Edward dikata rich and immortal, the visual of him from book to movie is far!).

Oh well, it was lovely! We had our happy moment together, chit-chatting, laughing, cuddling, together, and we love every minute of it!

I love him for always spoil me even it's supposed to be his moment, hehe..