Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Welcome to Cilandak!

finally, arrived at Cilandak!

almost finished with packing thingie. lots and lots of boxes.. and me, don't want to wait for another person to do it for me (iya, itulah gunanya OB. tapi mereka juga lagi sibuk ngangketin kardus-kardus BODs, jadi gue harus tau diri). if i feel i can do it by myself, then i'll do it. even that mean i have to carry the box (yes, it's extremely heavy!) from here and there, alone!!

now i'm damn tired! and miss my Boyfriend berry much!

oh yeah, two days ago, my boyfriend said something in sms that makes me, again, feel flattered.. he said that i'm an angel for his lifeeeeee!!

see? don't blame me if for the rest of the day, my cheek didn't wanna stop blushing! hihihihi..


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