Sunday, October 26, 2008

This lovely weekend.

got nothing to do on Friday since Pacar had a loooong meeting, hehe.. so waiting it's all about :P

on Saturday, me and Chika went to my boss's child, Abraham's bday at KFC PIM. my man, he had another meeting with his client -ini buat kita juga kan sayang?-, then say no more Duma, hihihi..

so after attended that not-so-delightful-bday, while waiting for my man to showed up, me and Chika had a little PIM's Trip, hehehe.. lebih ke nemenin dia nyari sepatu sih. waktu Chika cabut, nungguin si Pacar sendirian, muter-muterin Metro lagi, nyoba-nyoba baju, end-up poto-poto di ruang fitting room, hahahaha.. embarrasing!

anyways, here's my yesterday's outfit. please DO mind my sok-sokan-photograper-style yeeeee..

setelah cape muter-muter PIM sendirian, ngecek jadwal film di 21, tiba-tiba si Pacar called and said "tunggu bentar ya ndut, aku masih dikantor nih. cepet ko.. sabar ya sayang". and all i can answered was "hmm", hahaha.. eh ngga nyampe 5 min, tiba-tiba ada yang berani-berani nyium jidat ay (another ritual for the past 10 months). taunya si Pacarrrrrr!! kena lagi gue dikerjain! grrr..

so we decided to finally watched Eagle Eye at XXI at 5pm. it's aaayy cool movie!! i loved it! si Pacar loved it more!

oh yeah, before that, we ate at Radja Ketjil. i always felt awkward when somebody took a pic of me, so what always happened was, a silly face of me showed up. i do look weird! haha.

and today, family time. just spent the precious moments with our own family :)


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