Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bad news :(

i just received an sms about an hour ago telling that our dear friend, Andry Wicaksono has passed away this early morning after he did his sholat subuh.

i was shocked like hell! at first, i didn't believe it and think that maybe my friend wrote a wrong message. then i called him. and the news he sent me was right.

our dearest friend Andry Wicaksono is gone :'(

for me, he's such a good guy. and we're close friend. i know him back when i was in Citi. he's such a nice guy. a caring person and a dear friend. i can share all my stories with him and he would just listen. he would drive me home safely if i work late or if we went to a place with all friends. he would take care of my like i'm his little sister.

just last Wednesday, i met him at PIM. and we promise to meet up again with others sometimes this week. but i didn't expected this kinda meeting he meant.

am so sad. i couldn't say a word. but i believe that this is the best plan from God for him. God loves him so much that He wants to take care of him up there :')

goodbye dearest Andry. rest in peace. i'll see you in heaven. i love you. we all love you :')


PS: and at this very date too, my cousin's grandma also passed away. my deep condolence with you, Ga..

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