Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday morning craps.


yep, again, i woke up early this morning (6.30am). on the weekend! geeezz, i maybe can never know how it feel to wake up a bit late on weekend, eh? ihhihii.. it's like my brain's set to 5-7am everyday! ahahhaha..

anyway, these last 2 days, i watched two different movies but not with my best-nonton-partner. on Thursday, i watched *ehm* Si Jago Merah with my office budies. they 'forced' me! they did! hahahahahaha.. and the movie went quite well. not only Desta who's funny on it (eventhough for me, he's still the funniest one! :D), but Judika play quite good. overall, i had a great laugh that nite, ihihihi.. *maaf Sayang, i didn't laugh with you. i'll make it up. PROMISE ;)*

and yesterday, since my brother still on his vacation here, i wanna treat him. so i went for another movie with him and my 2 young cousins. we went for The Journey to the Center of the Earth movie at XXI Senci. but not the 3D's version. it's a fantasy typical movie, and me kinda like it. eventhough, i never ever wanted such experience yaaa, hihihih.. just to watched it makes me think "damn, how does it feel to be on that place?".

so yeah, we had fun last nite :)

the nice part for me, my cute yet big boyfriend still could spare his time to picked us up and drive us home safely, while actually i know he was tired that time *BIGESTHUG* ;)

and i know, somehow, today, will go for another movie! hahaha.. we'll see :D


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