Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In the search of holiday.

yes! i needed it rite now i think. Bandung juga ngga papa deh, yang penting bisa melepas kepenatan akan Jakarta, kerjaan, outing, renovasi rumah yang belum beres, dan lain-lain thingie. bosen sama Jakarta, bosen sama kantor (not the job!), bosen sama meeting-meeting mengenai outing. abisnya, tiap meeting selalu deg-degan, perasaan banyaaakk banget yang belum beres, huhu..

oh ya, i went for a karaoke last nite. with my betinas, hehe.. Medhina, Intan, Santet, Ajeng, Santol, Caca. plus cowonya Ajeng, Hans. kalo sama mereka mah, S.E.R.U!!! enough said, that's all the keyword :)

ey, did i told you that i-am-so-in-love with this blog? i did ya, and i will never bored repeating it, again, and again, and again. hihihi.. go find yourself why they are now two of my favorite person *thou i never -and i don't think i will ever- meet them in person* :) i keep "aaahh", "ooohh", "damn, that's sweet!", everytime i read the posts.

and of course, I AM SO MUCH IN LOVE WITH TAGOR who said another niceee words, that what he always wanna do is to hugs me :) hey, my busy man, let's have a nice Wednesday nite, tonite? :D


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astrid achied said...

dumaaa...weekend getaway pulau seribu mau ga??? escaping from the capital J..hehehe..juni 27 mau ga???