Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another sickness

today am taking one day off from office routines. the main reasons is, i kinda feel sick since last nite. heavy flu, headache, badan pegel-pegel. so yeah, i think it will be better if i take one (or more? hehe..) day leave and have a nice rest at home.

and it don't bored me. at all. as a matter of fact, am happy! just leyeh-leyeh on the family room while eating aylot and watching all series from Star World or E! or MTV or even gossips on our national channel, haahha.. or YM!-an and internetan for sure; check and send emails (personal and office *teteup*), facebook-ing (hell, sure!! updating status and give photos comments are fun job! hihi..), read news on detik/kompas, or bloghooping.. then had a beauty-afternoon-sleep.. ooohh, feels like heaven!!!

so yeah, i think i need more holidays, hihihihi..

on another note.. after not seeing my cute boyfriend for (plus today) 3 days, i kinda (well, very much!!) miss him like.... aylot!!!! huhuhu.. *melambai-lambai ke si Pacar* he also can't come to visit me today since he needs to trained his jujitsu's students. wednesdays routines. and as a good girlfriend (yeayea), i can understand it. dari tadi aku ngga ada komplain kan sayang? :D

oh well, that's it for today :D


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