Saturday, February 28, 2009

25 Random Things (and more) About ME!!

i'd been tagged by some dear friends thru facebook. but, i'm just gonna write it down here..
and not gonna put all the rules since i won't tagged anyone :D

so here goes..

1. gue penakut! penakut sepenakut-penakutnya. i choose to sleep with lamps on if my sisters hasn't sleep beside me. i will turn all lights on if none's home. and i choose to take a shower with door open in the morning if my Mom still asleep. hahhaa..
2. and for that, i once had been punked by my girlfriends on a tv show from Trans tv, Paranoid! they were just that happy to saw their friend missarable! hiks.. and they even happier since I (we) got paid for 1.6 mio, thanks to ME! huh!
3. i'm a weeper! i cried aylot.. too much malah!
4. i don't smoke. never interested for that thing.
5. i drink mineral water like crazy! and i pee like hell! hhahaha.. my friends called me Onta for this habit. but, this is a good habit though, rite.. ihihihii..
6. i can never have my own bedroom. despite that my Mom won't let her daughters sleep alone (biar makin akrab katanya. well, lebih sering sebel-sebelannya sih dulu waktu masih kecil :P), i can never had the guts for that.
7. i hate papaya and durian. back when i was a child, i loved them aylot! especially durian, murah bener cong di Siantar! bisa tiap hari makan itu. that's why now, i think i had enough with them, dan selalu mual mencium baunya. yuck!
8. i can't drive. car or (EVEN!!) bicycle. hahahaha..
9. i loveeee juices made by my Daddy! he's good at it.
10. i can't stand blood! but i love to watched action movie, haha.. so when the blood is coming out, i will close my eyes for sure. plus, scream a bit (lot!), hahaha..
11. why i easily scream watching those movie? karna gue kagetan. ngga cuman karna nonton film action, tapi disetiap kesempatan, gue gampang bgt dikagetin ato kaget.
12. i choose to use bodyspray instead of perfume for my everyday use. karna gue make perfume dan bodyspray sama. sama-sama boros! rugi jadinya cong.. so i only spray perfume for a special occasion.
13. and Love Spell from Vic. secret is my everyday-signature-smell.
14. i was born in Lubuk Pakam, Medan. but my birth certificate was created in Bandung.
15. i like to spend the weekends in PIM together with Pacarku (or even friends). Dr. Sawit-PIM isn't that close though, haha.. but i just love the place ;)
16. i never wear high heels in weekends. i had enough with them on my weekdays. well, except for a special occasions.
17. since Dec 22, 2007, i called Pacar every morning just to wake him up :) and i so love love love the activity.. who doesn't, when you can be the first to hear his voice in the morning? hehe..
18. i have silinder and minus eyes. but never like to use glasses or contact lens. udah sering dimarah-marahin, gue teteup ngeyel :P
19. back in junior to college time, i only gain weight 44-47kg. kurus yak? padahal makannya ngga kalah banyak kaya sekarang. but i love my current body :)
20. i never do diets in my entire life. never ever want it!
21. i'm a very straight-to-the-point person.
22. i hate leggings!! no offense dear friends, it just never match with my style, hihihi..
23. i'm a good listener. you can call me at anytime buat curhat, i'm always there :)
24. i hate, scared, and never wants to touch korek api batangan!! kalo ngeliat korek api itu deket gue, gue bisa parno bgt sampe suka punya imajinasi lebay kalo korek api itu akan menghampiri gue dan menerkam gue. that's why kalo makan di pinggir jalan, gue suka ngeliat sekitar dulu, kalo ada, gue akan cari tempat duduk yg lain yg jauh dr si korek api.
25. i love giving surprises for my closest ones. and thanks God, it always runs good :)

eh, udah 25 yaaaaaaaa? lagi yah, yah, yah, hihihihihi..

it always turn me on (in a positive way dong!) when i saw Pacar wore his Jujitsu's outfit. he's 1000 times sexier! :D.
i am a too-spoiled-woman. and i never wanted to let go the child side of me :D
i never wear full make up even though i know how to apply it.. i prefer to have a little chit-chat with my fams before i go for work rather than wasting my morning time just to put the make up on my face. but then again, except for the special occasions.
but i can't leave home without my powder, blush on, lip gloss. it's a must!
i forgive and forget others mistakes to me easily.
31. i LOVE sushi & sashimi. i HATE duck!

hehehe, well that's sort of something (s) about me. masih kuraaang! huahuah, ngelunjak!!

update: told yaaa, masih kurang! hiahiahiaha..

33. have a (new) wishes with Lydia to build a MALL!! hahaha.. karna kita amaze dengan mall di Jakarta, biarpun udah banyak bangged disana-sini, teteup semuanya NGGA ADA yang sepi! so we thought, if we have one, we can be one of that rich people in Indonesia. hauhauhuahuah, dream on!! :D


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