Monday, February 23, 2009

Dear Girlfriend.. patient dear
just hope and pray the best will come to you..
because God has prepared him for you.
we never know who he is, but let's hope that it's him :)

i know how hurt it is. but i do believe you can face it!
i am here for you to listen all your stories.
don't mind to call or sms me at anytime..
i'll be here. always..

and, let's have some fun!
you worth the fun, the life! :D

hang in there, girlfriend :)

God bless......



astrid achied said...

dumaaa....i love himmm so muchhhhhh............and i love you tooo...hehhehe
thank you for listening to all my curhat yakk..jangan bosen2 yahhh...

dumski said...

ngga akan bosen ciiiiiid..
24/7 just call me, am a good listener :P *terdengar seperti wanita panggilan, hauhuahahuah..*

semangat sayang!!