Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Currently on my mind.

i never thought a friendship can be ruined by some project you do together with your friend (s). when you think you know your friends too damn well and had the feeling "we are (best) friend, so we can do this job together thou am the chief and she's the member", it probably can go wrong.

maybe it's always better when friends stay as friends, co-workers as co-workers, no? when you work together with your friends, then there is this miss-understanding, the friendship could crash down!

and when it happened to you, especially to a crybaby like me, you'll feeling down and cry aylot. am telling you, it's not easy to confront your own friend. especially your (at least, from what i think) best friend.

but, when she gives you loads of words that you were never said before, are you just gonna stay silent and accept all the words that never even come out from your mouth? i didn't. and am glad i said it to her. until last nite, i felt this is all wrong. the idea of being in the same project together, even more, when i'm the chief and she's your member, it's all wrong.

i know i can't regret it (Tagor would pissed if he know i did *promise him, and myself, and God i won't), but for the sake of fun day, the friendship is ruined, i think this is ridiculous! and i guess (and what scared me most) for the friendship, everything will never be the same again after this.

and i still don't know how this will end *sigh*..


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