Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A little bit of an update :)


- today's my second day at Prudential as a secretary to the cfo. he's one of the vpd, an expat, a family man with a nice personality (jadi kangen Umang. lho? hueheuhe).
- at Prudent, there are no ym!, fb, twitter, blog, yahoo. am miserable T_T (tapi permit untuk beli bb hampir disetujuin nih *lirik-lirik Abang Ganteng*, heuhihe..).
- so far, am enjoying my work there :) hope it'll last for... mmm.. let's just not count it right now, shall we? haiaihaihaihaa..
- i miss my Man that is still on his way back to Jkt from his business trip to Balikpapan these two days. in about more or less half an hour, the flight will arrived here. 'til then, hope he's fine :-*
- i really3x wanna go back to Etcetera-Bandung! it's like they have the best steak in around Java so far! very, very, very recommended ;)
- i want more of a flat shoes, hehehhheehe..
- my 3rd sister, Teta, has finally back to Jakarta on 16 July safely :) she brings lots of good stuffs, hihihi.. and Pai Susu yang enyaaakkkk banget! langsung habis hanya dalam 2 hari! haihaihaihaia..
- i miss My Girls. i miss baby Abel. maaf ya Abel sayang, aunty and uncle-mu yang baik hati ini belum sempet-sempet nyamperin kamu lagiii..
- am no longer a legging virgin, and i take back my words about how much i hate legging, hiahaihaihaha.. turns out, it's very comfortable to wear :D but, i still play "safe", only wear the black ones :)
- loving the photos and video result from my previous office's fun day. the Trans 7 team (as the photographers) is the best! thankies so much guys for the good job :) i will post it later, if i've time.
- harry potter is disappointing. really waiting for UP and He's just not that into you!
- loving my weekend in Bandung (last two weeks). whenever you go there again, try to stop by at Bajak Lauk (near pom bensin Unpad). they have the best ikan bakar in Bandung, with great taste of the sambel, and with veryyyy affordable prices, trust me! the place itself is pretty nice :) you may look the photos here..
- i thank God that our decision for next year is supported by both side :)


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Dum , di pruden mana loe ? email barunya doong