Friday, December 18, 2009

The (previous) weekend..

Hei, you know where am I while writing this? Yup, at the salon, early in the morning, haven't had enough sleep. What for? To be a (one day) model, hihi.. While Tagor is waiting in the car, try to catch some sleep, he's just as sleepless as I did.

Anyway, what we had on our previous weekend besides went to Rere's wedding was, I got the chance to spent it with Tagor's family :) We had good chit-chat, good laugh, good time from am-pm at his Sister's house at Cipete.

Me love it.. Another chance for us to get to know each other more.

Eh, we both feel blessed to the max atas rejeki yg Tagor terima :) For I always know he ALWAYS did the best for his clients, I know he deserve it all.

You know what we can't wait? Our 2nd relationship anniversary!! Yay!!!

Udah janjian mau tukeran kado anniv slash christmas, hehe.. I-can't-wait, OMG!!! Hakakakakak, norakkk :p

Asli, ngantuk abaysss! -_-

Ok, gue sadar tulisan gue ini sangat random, hahaha.. Maabkeun :p


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