Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dear Girlfriend,

i know it's hard Lyd, after all the long relationship you had with him
but i also know you can handle all those thingies :)
it's hard, it takes time, but it will ends nicely for you, i know..

just be tough darling..
we're always be there for you :)



astrid achied said...

semogaaa balikan lg deh...hihihi...klo ga sekarang..yaa someday..hihihi!! amien...amienn...amienn...biar kita semua bisa jalan2 lg..dan aku si anak kecil ini...ikutan hehehe!!

Lydia said...

dumce...makasih yaaa..
sampe ketemu lagi kapan2..

dumski said...

- Cid: AMIN!!
- Lyd: anytime dear :) hang in there, okay..