Thursday, March 12, 2009

First performances on AmDol.

yes, yesterday afternoon, when i had my half-day-rest for went home early as i just got my first day of period, i watched American Idol live.

super excited since my favorite, Anoop Desai were performed as well.

and the theme for last nite was songs by Michael Jackson. before Anoop Desai, there are some performances that i liked. it's from Danny Gokey and Kris Allen. they were good! Kris Allen was super cute with his guitar, hihihi.. adorably sexy, Paula Abdul said :D

and when the time was came for Anoop Desai, he sang Beat It. and it turns out, disappointing :( really, it was for me. and of course, he got all the not-so-good comments from the judges. even Simon said it was awful. oh well, i won't say as further as him, but he was right, it wasn't good at all.

and tonite is the result nite. we'll see, huhuhu.. *cross finger supaya Anoop ngga pulang. mungkin Jorge Nunez duluan gitu?hihihi, teteup :D*


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